A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record.


We believe in the documentary style of storytelling. Our goal is to take your event and document it in such a way that you will derive countless hours of enjoyment watching and sharing with your family and friends.


Your family has a history, history that is diminished as each generation passes. How valuable would it be to capture your loved ones on film to share with future generations?  What we provide is not just a straightforward video of someone speaking, but a more involved method of storytelling that brings the person, and their life into clear focus. We do this by incorporating still images, interviews with friends, family along original footage and music to create a film that will certainly become a family heirloom.


What do we need to accomplish this task? Access, to your life, family photos, in short information.

If you can provide these things we will create a documentary that you and your family will cherish.


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