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Central Ohio Youth Sports Magazine is a publication dedicated to the socio-educational and academic development of our youth.  We intend to reach this goal by publishing articles that highlight the need for citizenship, scholarship, and positive athletic competition.


We believe that competition is a cornerstone of our society.  Learning how to compete positively is a true key to a young athlete’s success. Coaches also need to understand the value of positive competition in order to teach these concepts to our youth.


One of the attributes rapidly fading in today’s society is citizenship. There are far to many instances that show how not having a connection to family, and community brings negative outcomes. This need is what prompts Central Ohio Youth Sports Magazine to enlighten our readers about the importance of family, and community for the proper development of our future leaders.


Athletics are important for the physical and emotional development of our youth, but it can also be a springboard opening a dialogue that encourages at risk youth to find a positive outlook for their energy.


We believe that channeling this pent-up energy toward a positive endeavor will benefit our youth and community in ways that will most certainly astound us.


It is with this goal in mind that we present Central Ohio Youth Sports Magazine! Click the link below to listen!









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