We are first and foremost, a communications company. We believe that effective two-way communication is the cornerstone of success. One-way communication is sometimes necessary and effective; however it is more effective when social media is engaged to allow the recipient of the communication to respond either positively or negatively to the message. This allows the communicator to adjust his message and strategy accordingly, increasing efficiency and productivity.



Our goal at New Vision Publishing Inc. is to use our communication skills to promote our clients endeavors as an author, or small business.  We will utilize social media, print, and visual (film) media to achieve our clients’ goals.


Our most effective communication tool is the human ear. Clearing our mindset to effectively listen to our client, having the ability to perceive our clients needs whether they be spoken or unspoken. Once receiving this information we begin translating these thoughts and ideas into an effective marketing solution to achieve the clients’ goals.


This is who we are as an organization, but we are not static, we evolve, we grow, we listen and we learn.


We value your input email the CEO; mhparkman@newvisionpublishing.com

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